About Us

Electricarder  is the original manufacturer & worldwide distributor of Electricarder  products.

ElectriCarder is made on farm by people who are fibre focussed.

Karine & Peter are the entreprising couple at the helm of ElectriCarder.
They farm alpacas and spend time with hands on great quality fleeces.
They send some of their Fleece to Peru to be made up into gorgeous garments that they design.
These are available at Alpaca Design http://alpacadesign.com.au - interestingly the garments that they have made for Alpaca Design are all hand finished, and some are even handmade.

But importantly they also like to process their fleece by hand. And whilst Carding their own fleece they realised 2 things.
1. the carders on the market are fabulous & do a great job
2. those carders just can't card enough fleece whilst being hand turned

So Peter came up with a way of turning those great Carders into ElectriCarders, because afterall making a Carder is a specialised skill.
Turning a Carder into a carder that runs an motor-powered unit efficiently using an after-market accessory is something best made by a qualified Electrical Engineer.

Peter is an Electrical Engineer who loves to make things electronic, and Karine loves to restore furniture .
So really an ideal couple to design and make the ElectriCarder.