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The ElectriCarder is patented in Australia #2014101525

ElectriCarder increases your output!   You will be able to card more per hour than you ever imagined.

There is generally no need to modify your carder. Just place it on top of the ElectriCarder, attach the new pulley and the brackets, clip it on, wind the belt and Card!    

If you’ve had to give up Carding your own fleece due to injury or arthritis  you are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE the ElectriCarder! 

The ElectriCarder now comes in models for:
Ashford Wild Carder                     Ertoel 9" *                                   Spinwell
Ashford 8"                                      Inwood Smith 6" & 10"*           Wondoflex
Ashford 12"                                                                                           ClassicCarder

We also have models for some unknown antique carders that had no makers marks on them. *
* for the Ertoel, Inwood Smith and mystery Carders we will need photos of the carders from all angles, plus measurements to be able to assess whether we will need the Carder to be sent to us for modification in our workshop. There is generally a 2 week turnaround for modification.

Additionally if your older carder has a cross-over belt then you need 2 extra pulleys installed to solve the issue of the belt wearing. This will improve your Carders performance with or without the ElectriCarder.

Most ElectriCarders are made to be able to fit your Carder without any modification to the Carder itself. 

If there is no current ElectriCarder to suit your Carder we encourage you to speak to us. We would love to develop an ElectriCarder just for you, and then we’ll use the template we design as the basis for a new ElectriCarder model…  soon everyone with a Carder will be able to ElectriCard!

Plus we can supply replacement and extra belts for both your Carder and the ElectriCarder.

If you use variable ratios they are still available via your existing pulleys.  The ElectriCarder features variable speed, forward & reverse & can be ordered for your local power supply voltage. The Motor unit is encased to provide safety, and the ElectriCarder is easily cleaned.

For clients with older Carders we provide a Carder Renovation Service

All ElectriCarders are handmade from Australian Hardwood, that is kiln-dried and free from pests.
The beautiful hardwood is finished with a fine protective organic oil finish as supplied to us by Farmbitz

The timber is locally sourced from environmentally sustainable plantation forests & locally milled. The timber is hand finished on our farm.

Once you have your ElectriCarder we would love to see your videos or photos of you using the EC or some of the lovely batts, rovings or slivers that you will be able to produce in quantity, quickly and safely. We’ll be placing those videos online for all to enjoy.

As the ElectriCarder is made to order, and due to its popularity, there may be a 2 week lag time between order and despatch. We will always keep you informed of the progress of your new ElectriCarder.

We utilise Australia Post to ship both Australian & international orders. This includes tracking & insurance.   If you prefer another method please talk to us prior to ordering.

As shipping varies from country to country the shipping costs are additional to the cost of the ElectriCarder itself. Customers are responsible for all customs & duties on the receiving end.  

Our customers give us a 5 star rating for both the ElectriCarder and our service standards.
We are happy to help - ask us.